PM Modi appeals the nation to beware of lies on Coronavirus vaccine

New Delhi, 24/1 (AO Bureau); Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said that Indian scientists have fulfilled their duty by developing the vaccine of Covid-19 and ‘now we have to fulfill our duty by defeating every network that spreads lies and rumors with the right information’ is. Addressing NCC cadets, NSS volunteers, and artists going to participate in the Republic Day Parade, the Prime Minister said that such organizations have always played their part in tackling challenging times.

He said, ‘Even in Covid’s time, the work you have done is commendable. When the government and administration need you, then you come forward as a volunteer and help. PM Modi said, ‘Whether it is to spread awareness about the spread of Arogya Setu App or Coronavirus infection, the work you have done has been commendable.’ The Prime Minister said that the youth should now come forward to help in the Covid-19 vaccination program by providing the right information to the people.

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