India-China standoff: Clash with Chinese soldiers in Sikkim, Indian Army issued statement

Sikkim, 25/1 (AO Bureau ): There was a skirmish on the Sikkim border between India and China, the ongoing deadlock on the Line of Actual Control in East Ladakh. Now the Indian Army has issued an official statement. The Indian Army said, ‘On January 20, there was a minor skirmish with Chinese troops at Naku-La Pass in Sikkim. It was resolved according to the protocol set at the local commander level. According to sources, 20 Chinese soldiers have been injured in this clash at Naku-La Pass. Right now the situation remains tense, but the situation is stable.

According to the information received, the Chinese army in Sikkim Naku La Clash attempted to change the status quo. This place is at an altitude of 19000 feet. According to sources, some Chinese soldiers were moving towards the Indian border with the intention of infiltration. During this time, the Indian Army retaliated, in which 20 Chinese soldiers were injured.

According to reports, an attempt to infiltrate Sikkim’s Naku-La has taken place when the Chinese army has removed 10,000 soldiers from eastern Ladakh. According to sources, apart from East Ladakh, the Chinese Army has reduced its deployment from many areas including Sikkim, but the troops are still standing.

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