Food rates increased in the parliament Canteen from Today

New Delhi, 27/1 (AO Bureau): Food available in Parliament canteen has become more expensive now. Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla has abolished the subsidy received in the canteen dinner of Parliament before the budget session which starts on 29 January. With this, all the food dishes found there have become expensive. After this, a vegetarian plate will be available for 100 rupees in the canteen. In addition, the non-veg buffet will now be available for Rs 700. Earlier the vegetarian thali was available for 60 rupees.

If we pay attention to the reports, according to the revised new rate, tea will be available in Parliament canteen for 5 rupees, coffee for 10 rupees and lemon tea for 14 rupees as before. Vegetarian thali can be found for 100 rupees, which was earlier available for 60 rupees.
Apart from this, only bread will be available at the cheapest rate in the canteen. It will cost three rupees. The price of chicken biryani will now increase to 100 rupees. You will get chicken curry by paying 70 rupees. The rate of plane dosa will be 30 rupees. At the same time, mutton biryani will be available for 150 rupees. With this, now wedge pakoras can be eaten for 50 rupees.

Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla had told on Tuesday that the subsidy is given to MPs, others on food in the canteen of Parliament has been stopped, so that the food of these canteens will become expensive. Birla did not give any information about the financial aspects related to it.

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