Petrol and Diesel price increased again

New Delhi, 27/1 (AO Bureau): In the latest development,  there is a constant increase in the price of fuel from the beginning of this year. The petrol price has crossed Rs 90 in Mumbai and three other metros are nearing the Rs 90 mark. The petrol and diesel price is breaking its own record every day.

Petrol prices in 4 metro cities

  • Delhi: Rs 86.30
  • Mumbai: Rs 92.86
  • Kolkata: Rs 87.69
  • Chennai: Rs 88.82

Diesel price in 4 metro cities

  • Delhi: Rs 76.48
  • Mumbai: Rs 83.30
  • Kolkata: Rs 80.08
  • Chennai: Rs 81.71

Petrol Prices in Rajasthan’s Sriganganagar has touched Rs 100. The petrol price in the city is Rs 101.

There is a lot of activity all over the world regarding the coronavirus, due to which there is a spurt in crude oil prices. This is affecting the prices of domestic petrol and diesel. Even in the coming days, there is little hope of getting relief.

The petrol prices have risen Rs 12.59 and Rs.9.77 since last year. This month petrol has become expensive by Rs 2.59 per litre and diesel prices have risen by Rs 2.61 per litre.

The hope for any relief in the near future seems very little.

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