“Country was very sad to see the the insult of tricolor” PM Modi

New Delhi, 31/1 (AO Bureau): Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed many issues in the ‘Mann Ki Baat’ program. PM Modi in ‘Mann Ki Baat’, referring to the incident of insult of the tricolor on the Red Fort on 26 January, described it as very sad. PM Modi said, ‘The country was very sad to see the insult of the tricolor on 26 January in Delhi. We have to fill the time ahead with new hope and innovation. We showed exceptional restraint and courage last year. This year too, we have to work hard and prove our resolve.

The Prime Minister said that in every part of India, the freedom struggle was fought with full force in every city, town, and village. In every corner of the land of India, such great sons and great heroes were born, who gave up their lives for the nation.
Speaking on the Corona crisis, the Prime Minister said that India’s fight against Corona has become an example. Now our vaccination program is also becoming an example in the world. In times of crisis, India is able to serve the world because India is capable of medicines and vaccines today, it is self-sufficient.

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