Mahapanchayat Decision : Government to repel the farm laws ,Release the arrested protestors

Rohtak, 3/2 (AO Bureau) : Farmers Mahapanchyat has started in the Jind district of Haryana. Thousands of people gathered in Kandela village of the district. A large number of women have also reached to participate in this Mahapanchayat. It was decided in the Mahapanchayat that the government withdraw all three agricultural laws and release the arrested people as soon as possible. Rakesh Tikait from Jind’s mahapanchayat has challenged the central government and said that we have now asked the government to return the bill, what will happen to the government if we talk about the return of the throne. Now is the time for the government to recover. Rakesh Tikait has challenged the government in an impeccable manner.

The proposal to withdraw the agricultural bill has been passed in the mahapanchayat of farmers held in Jind. Rakesh Tikait is present in this mahapanchayat. In this mahapanchayat, farmers have demanded implementation of the report of the Swaminathan Committee. Apart from this, they have also demanded to trace the missing farmers and withdraw the cases registered on the farmers.

Apart from Tikait, many Khap leaders have also joined this mahapanchayat. Tech Ram Kandela said that this is a big gathering to support the farmers’ movement. Kandela Khap, who ran the farmers’ movement in Haryana nearly two decades ago, has given his support to the farmers against the agricultural laws. The second Khap has also supported the movement. Tekram Kandela said that in today’s program, there will be a demand for the repeal of agricultural laws and legal guarantees at the minimum support price.

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