Priyanka Gandhi takes a dig at PM Modi over Farmer Protest

Rampur, 4/2 (AO Bureau)On 26 January, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi reached Rampur to meet the family of farmer Navrita Singh, who was killed in a tractor rally in Delhi, took on the Modi government. She said that PM Modi says that the farmers are at a distance of a phone call, so why not talk to them. Priyanka said that it is a great sin to call a farmer a terrorist. Neither the Prime Minister nor his government should commit this sin.

After meeting the family of the deceased farmer, Priyanka said in a discussion with the media that I have spoken to her family and grandfather, she has said that there should be a clear and judicial inquiry. We are fully standing with the farmers. Even with all those farmers who are sitting on the borders of Delhi. The biggest crime is that the government is not recognizing. This movement is true, there is no politics in it. This is the pain of the farmers, it has to be respected. If not respected, farmers of the whole country will gather.

Priyanka said that so many vehicles have come today, I have not called. If you see the photo of that border, it seems that the border of the country is what this farmer is saying? This is what he is saying, discuss with me. If you are making laws for me then discuss them with me. But the arrogance of power has increased so much that it forgets the public. Maybe people around the Prime Minister would not have told him.

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