25 Countries In-Line For Covid 19 Vaccines: Foreign Minister

New Delhi, 6/2:In a major development, foreign Minister S Jaishankar said on Saturday that India has so far supplied the COVID-19 vaccine to 15 countries and another 25 nations are in the queue at different levels for the jab. He said there are three categories of countries that are keen to get the vaccine from India- poor, price-sensitive nations and other countries which directly deal with pharmaceutical companies that make the antidote.

“I think right now we have already supplied to about 15 countries (as per my recollection). I would say there would be another about 25 countries that are at different stages in the pipeline. But what it has
done is today it has put India on the map of the world,” Mr Jaishankar told reporters in a press conference.

He said that some poor countries are given vaccines on a grant basis and some other countries want it on par with the price that the Indian Government pays to the vaccine manufacturers.

Some countries have direct contracts with the Indian vaccine producing companies and have negotiated commercially, he added.

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