Uttarakhand Debacle: Water level again rising in Tapovan

Tapovan, 11/2 (AO Bureau): In the Raini village of Chamoli located in Uttarakhand, there was an atmosphere of the chaos once again on Thursday afternoon. Here the water of the Rishiganga river suddenly started moving upwards, due to which the administration issued an alert and stopped the relief and rescue work there. With this, people were instructed to move from there to a higher place. According to the information received, when the water of the barrage increased, along with the people, the equipment used for relief and rescue work was also seen moving to a higher place.

According to reporters,  who have been present at the spot since the Chamoli Flash Flood in Chamoli last week after an avalanche, people are being removed from the area due to the possibility of danger. It was told that about 200 people have been called from below. At the same time, a person told that he got a call that water is increasing from Raini village, so everyone should move away from there. However, the water level is still low.

DGP Ashok Kumar confirmed
Confirming this news, Uttarakhand DGP Ashok Kumar said that a high alert has been issued in Tapovan. He said that where the work of rescue is going on, people have been safely removed from there. SDRF teams have reported in Raini village.

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