Jack Ma spotted playing golf in Chinese Island

Beijing, 11/2 (AO Bureau): Jack Ma, who heads the Alibaba Group, who has not been seen in the public domain for several months, has been seen playing golf recently. Jack Ma, who was not only China but also Asia’s richest man, was seen playing golf at Sun Valley Golf Resort in Hainan, China. On January 20, the Chinese media had circulated a video of a virtual meeting in which Jack Ma was addressing hundreds of rural teachers. Bloomberg reported that Jack Ma was playing golf as a ‘novice’. However, there is no statement about Jack Ma from Alibaba Group yet.

Jack Ma, who is usually seen many times among people, was not seen for some time. He had also canceled a TV interview and was not updated on social media. After this, speculations were made as to why Jack Ma was missing. Jack Ma is also given credit for the advancement of technology in China. In the last few decades, he has emerged as a global business celebrity.

On January 20, a Chinese government media company Global Times shared a video in which Jack Ma was talking to 100 rural teachers through video conferencing. In this clip, he said, “We will meet once again after the pandemic.” However, CNBC in one of its reports said contrary to the speculation that Jack Ma is not intentional but is missing underground.

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