China refuses to give initial Coronacase figures to WHO

China, 13/2 (Ao Bureau) The WHO team, which is searching for the causes of the epidemic, has refused to give detailed data of the initial Covid-19 infection to China. WHO team member and infectious diseases specialist Domnik Doer said the team investigating the spread of Covid-19 and the spread of the pandemic detailed details of other cases, including 174 cases of infection, from China to Wuhan city in December 2019. Dominik said that such raw data is called ‘line listings’.

He told that there is no name of the infected person in it. But there are all the questions and answers asked to him. The patient’s responses are also analyzed. Dominik told all these things via video call from Sydney on Saturday. They are currently in Quarantine due to the investigation of the epidemic.

Extremely important to get to the root of the epidemic
According to a Reuters report, Domnik said, it is very important to get the details of the cases of early Kovid infection to get to the root of the epidemic. Of the initial 174 cases, only half the patients were exposed to the weight market. This market, which is a seafood center in Wuhan, is closed till today. For the first time, the presence of coronavirus was recorded in this market. We cannot say anything now but getting this data is very important for investigation. However, the WHO team said that China has given them a lot more figures than last year.

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