Former US President Donald trump has been acquitted

Washington DC, 14/2 (AO Bureau) :Former US President Donald Trump has received great relief. He has been acquitted of charges of inciting people to violence in the US Capitol Attack. Trump survived by a margin of 10 votes. 57 senators found him guilty in voting, while 43 members found him not guilty. The Senate needed a two-thirds majority i.e 67 votes to convict them.

Trump was accused of rioting in the US Parliament House on 6 January. 5 people were killed in this incident. 7 Republican Party leaders supported the Democrats and voted against Trump.

This was the second time Trump was acquitted of any impeachment. The Senate decision on Saturday is being seen as a victory for Trump. After this, if Trump wants, in 2024, he can once again contest for the post of President. After being acquitted of charges of inciting violence, Trump released a statement. Trump alleged that a conspiracy was hatched to defame him.

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