Government Planning to make Koo as primary mode of Communication

New Delhi, 16/2 (AO Bureau): The social media platform, Twitter, and the central government are in conflict. Meanwhile, sources have come to know that the government may soon make Koo App the main medium of contact. It is being told that the government will give the necessary updates, information 1-3 hours in advance. However, the information will also be posted on Twitter after this. Controversy continues between Twitter and the government over accounts related to the Farmers Protest case.

On the condition of confidentiality,  that the government can use Ku mainly to give information. Several government departments including the Ministry of Electronics and IT, Ministry of Railways have registered their presence on Ku. The government had demanded the removal of accounts containing ‘inflammatory content’ on Twitter from the farmer movement.

In an interview with Moneycontrol last week, the founder of Ku had said that there is freedom of expression on the platform, but you have to follow the rules of the country. Koo CEO and co-founder Ameray Radhakrishnan said, ‘We are ready for the freedom to speak. Our main objective is to ensure that all the people living in India get the freedom of expression.

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