Asaram Bapu hospitalized after his health condition worsened

Jodhpur, 17/2:In a major development, Self-proclaimed god-man, Asaram Bapu, who is serving a sentence in prison for sexually abusing a minor girl, health condition worsened late on Tuesday night. It is being told that after Asaram’s health deteriorated in the Central Jail of Jodhpur, the jail administration took him to Mahatma Gandhi Hospital in the city. According to the information, Asaram had complained of difficulty in breathing late last night at 12 noon. After this, the jail administration took Asaram out of the prison to Mahatma Gandhi Hospital amidst tight security. He was taken to the hospital in a police van. As soon as Asaram’s supporters came to know about it, there was a crowd outside the hospital. It is being told that people remained there till Asaram went back to jail from the hospital.

A team of four doctors did the checkup
According to the information received, a team of four doctors checked Asaram after reaching the hospital. CT scan was also done. Even after this, the doctors kept Asaram under his supervision. But Asaram was taken back to jail after three hours of treatment. According to the information, doctors have prescribed some medicines to Asaram. Has also completed the necessary checks. CT scan and all other test reports have come up normal.

Discourse from jail to hospital
It is notable that where the jail administration took Asaram to the hospital when he had difficulty in breathing. At the same time, a video of him during treatment is going viral. In this, Asaram is giving discourse to the policemen posted under his protection inside the hospital. Surrounded by police all around, Asaram is giving knowledge of religion to policemen in the city scan room of the hospital. At the same time, the police are also listening to him.

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