Mobile recharge plans may increase from April 1

New Delhi, 17/2 (AO Bureau): Telecom companies may increase tariff plans in the coming months. Due to this, the customer is going to be expensive to talk on mobile and use the internet. Let us know that the telecom companies are preparing to increase the rates from April 1. According to the Investment Information and Credit Rating Agency (ICRA) report, companies can once again increase tariffs to increase their revenue in the coming financial year 2021-22 starting from April 1. However, no information has been disclosed about how much their prices will be increased.

ICRA says that the increase in tariff and up-gradation of customers from 2G to 4G can improve average revenue per user (ARPU). By the middle of the year, it can be around 220 rupees. This will increase the industry’s revenue from 11% to 13% in the next 2 years and operating margin by about 38% in FY 2022.

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