Truck transporters will strike twice across country

New Delhi, 18/2 (AO Bureau): The issue seems to be divided between the two factions, with angry transporters going on strike due to issues like rising diesel prices (Diesel Price Hike), issues related to the e-way bill, and scraping policy. While The All India Motor Transport Congress (AIMTC) first announced a 14-day strike to the government on its demands, going on a nationwide strike, the trade organization Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) and the All India Transporters Welfare Association (AITWA) has announced a one-day Bharat Bandh on 26 February apart from this. In this way, two strikes are now being organized, under which the first strike is scheduled to take place on 26 February, while the second strike will be done after a few days in case of non-acceptance of demands.

AIMTC separated itself from a day-long strike!
First of all, the All India Motor Transport Congress Organization, which had earlier announced to go on a countrywide strike in the event of their demands being denied, has clearly distanced itself from the nationwide strike of 26 February. AIMTC general secretary Naveen Kumar Gupta told News18 Hindi that the trade association, along with a transport association associated with a political organization, announced a nationwide strike on 26 February on an issue of the e-way bill. There was no such discussion in the Governing Council and it is the decision of only a few people. He says that this is the decision of some individuals. We are not part of it and our 95 lakh trucks will be supplied on that day by continuing the work across the country and the booking offices of all transport companies will be open.

The meeting of the Governing Council will be called soon
He said that in view of the concerns raised in the emergency meeting of the Governing Council of AIMTC, the government has been given 14 days to start the dialogue process and 16 February to address these burning issues affecting everyone, including the common man. Notice was sent to the government. If the government is not sensitive to these issues of India’s road transport sector, then another meeting of the Governing Council will be called to go on a nationwide strike. The date will be set on this day. He clarified that AIMTC does not support calls made by politically affiliated organizations on 26 February.

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