IPL auction 2021 : Know the rules

Chennai, 18/2: The auction for the 14th season (IPL 2021) of the Indian Premier League will be held in Chennai today. Out of 292 players’ final auction list (IPL Auction 2021), all franchises will bid for 61 vacant slots. Three players from 164 Indian, 125 foreign, and associate countries have also got a place in the auction list. The auction will begin with the batsmen. After this, the franchisees will bid on all-rounders and wicketkeepers. During the auction, everyone keeps an eye on which player was purchased at the highest price. Which player was associated with which team and which franchise bought the most player. However, during this whole process, the eight franchises will also have to follow the necessary guidelines. Know all the rules that the franchisee will have to implement.

Franchisees cannot spend more money than the purse
In the auction, no franchisee will be able to use more than the amount left in his purse to buy players. 85 crore rupees have been allotted to each franchisee to buy players. In the mini-auction to be held today, Punjab Kings have the highest amount of Rs 53.2 crore. At the same time, Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) and Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) have the lowest in the purse of Rs 10.75 crore.

Each franchise will have to spend 75 percent of the 85 million purse allotted to buy players. If a franchisee completes its squad by spending 70 percent, then the remaining five percent will go directly to the BCCI. In the mini-auction, Punjab Kings (Rs 53.2 crore), Rajasthan Royals (Rs 37.85 crore), and Royal Challengers Benglu (Rs 35.4 crore) have the highest amount. In such a situation, their eyes will be on the big players.

Right to match card will not be an option
Due to mini-auction, franchisees will not be able to use the Right to Match or RTM card to retain players in IPL 2021. Franchisees can use it only in the mega auction. In such a situation, if a franchise has released a player before the auction. So to get him back from the team, he will have to pay the highest bid. Through the RTM card, the franchisee can retrieve any of his old players in the auction. However, for this, he will have to pay the highest bid on the player concerned in the auction. Suppose no franchise has retained any player.


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