Toolkit case : Patiala house court will make its decision on Tuesday

New Delhi, 20/2(AO Bureau): Patiala House Court of Delhi has reserved the decision on the bail petition of Disha Ravi in ​​the Toolkit case, now the decision will come on Tuesday. On Friday, Disha Ravi applied for bail. During the hearing in the court, the government lawyer said that Disha Ravi has to sit face to face with Shantanu and inquire. The government lawyer opposed the bail application.

It was said on behalf of Delhi Police that there are some important documents in this case, which we want to give in a sealed envelope. On this, the judge said that you should file documents. The judge asked in which sections Disha Ravi has been arrested, on which the Delhi Police handed over the documents.

Delhi Police said that a page was created on behalf of Mo Dhaliwal in support of Khalistan on social media. The Poetic Justice Foundation used the farmers’ movement and tried to tarnish the image of India. Dhaliwal, associated with the Poetic Justic Foundation of Canada, was trying to spoil the environment in the guise of farmers in India. If he would have taken any action directly, he would have been exposed, so he resorted to some faces in India. The Poetic Justice Foundation constantly tries to tarnish its image against India.

Delhi Police said that being involved in anti-national activities is a major crime. Disha Ravi had the right to edit the toolkit. All the evidence has been erased from the direction. Disha has tampered with the evidence. Disha deleted the WhatsApp group. Whatever evidence of the toolkit was erased. Police said that a meeting was held on Zoom on 11 January in which many people including Dhaliwal were involved. On 17 and 18 January, a meeting was held on zoom.

What did Disha Ravi’s lawyer say?

Disha Ravi’s lawyer said that it is a crime to talk about farmers. Delhi Police is making false allegations. Delhi Police has linked Sikhs for Justice and Poetic Justice Foundation. Through his lawyer, Disha said, “I have nothing to do with Khalistan. I have an allegation that we talked to them but it is not being told what we have to do with them.” Disha Ravi said, “Whenever Delhi Police will call for an investigation, I will cooperate fully. I will not leave Delhi till the investigation is complete. I am ready to give an affidavit for this also.”

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