Hanging of Shabnam postponed again

UP, 23/2 (AO Bureau): The hanging of Shabnam, convicted of the Bawankhedi Murder Case in Amroha, Uttar Pradesh, has been postponed once again. The district court in Amroha sought the details of the murderer Shabnam from the prosecution. But a mercy petition was filed on behalf of Shabnam’s advocate to the Governor. Due to the filing of the mercy petition again, the date of hanging has not been fixed.

Let me tell you that there was a hearing in the district judge’s court on Tuesday for Shabnam’s hanging. It was already believed that Shabnam’s report would be submitted to the district judge’s court and if no petition was found pending in this report, the date of Shabnam’s execution could be fixed. But a few days ago, Shabnam’s lawyer had again submitted an application to the District Jail Rampur administration, pleading with the Governor for mercy petition. This was mentioned in the hearing today, due to which the date of hanging could not be fixed.

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