India Permits Imran Khan’s aircraft to use its airspace

New Delhi, 23/2 (AO Bureau): Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has got great relief from Modi’s government. According to the news agency ANI, the government has allowed the flight of Imran Khan to fly in India’s airspace. Imran Khan is going on a tour of Sri Lanka on 23 February. If their flight was not allowed to go through the airspace of India, then they would have to travel long. Let me tell you that for the first time Imran Khan is going on a tour of Sri Lanka.

In 2019, the Government of Pakistan did not allow Prime Minister Narendra Modi to use its airspace. At that time PM Modi was going to visit America and Saudi Arabia. Pakistan had made excuses for alleged human rights violations in Kashmir. VVIP aircraft are generally allowed to fly in other countries’ airspace. But Pakistan refused. Later, India complained to the International Civil Aviation Organization. This time if India wanted, it would have refused to give permission to Imran Khan. But with a big heart, the Modi government allowed them to fly through the territory of India.

Will not address parliament
Pakistan’s media Imran Khan will hold talks with President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, and Foreign Minister Dinesh Gunawardana. The proposed program to address Parliament has been canceled during Imran Khan’s visit to Colombo. Pakistan’sDawn’ newspaper reported that Khan’s program to address Parliament was included at the request of the Government of Pakistan. But now it has been canceled

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