Kapil Sharma On wheelchair!

New Delhi, 23/2 (AO Bureau) : Some pictures of comedian Kapil Sharma were revealed on Monday. After seeing this, his fans were quite upset. In these pictures, Kapil Sharma was seen sitting in a wheelchair. However, one of the reasons for these pictures being in the discussion was their flare-up on paparazzi. Actually, as soon as Kapil Sharma Photos arrived at the airport, the photographers standing there started taking pictures of him. On seeing this, Kapil got angry and was seen calling the photographers (Kapil Sharma Angry) to retreat and saying ‘Ulli ka Patta’.

However, after pictures of Kapil Sharma sitting in a wheelchair came out, everyone got upset to know what happened to Kapil Sharma. Kapil Sharma’s fans wanted to know why he needed to sit in a wheelchair. Is he ok or not. So tell that now the reason for his sitting in a wheelchair has also come to the fore. Kapil Sharma himself has revealed this. Back injury is the reason behind Kapil Sharma sitting in a wheelchair.

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