Premature rise in temperature in Delhi-NCR

New Delhi, 24/2 (AO Bureau): In the national capital Delhi (NCR), the heat has increased before time. The situation is that the mercury has touched 30 degrees. Experts predict that the kind of situation that is visible at this time, it seems that in the remaining days of February, mercury can also cross the 32-degree level. Meteorologists predict that the month of February this year may prove to be the hottest in the last several years.

Mercury will also cross 31 degrees
If we analyze the Delhi-NCR weather, it is found that on February 22, Delhi’s Safdarjung Observatory recorded the maximum temperature of 28.9 degrees Celsius. It was 4 degrees above normal. After this, it increased further and on 23 February it crossed 30 degrees. Since then, mercury has been steadily increasing. Meteorologists estimate that the maximum temperature in the remaining days of February is estimated to be 30 degrees or above and this average temperature is more than 26 degrees. It is estimated that the winds will change in the last days of February, causing the mercury to rise and may even cross 31 degrees.

The effect of strong sunlight will continue for the remaining days
Private weather forecasting agency Skymet Weather says Delhi’s average maximum temperature for the initial week of February is 23 degrees Celsius and finally the average maximum temperature is 26 degrees. In this way, the average temperature for the whole month is 23.9 degrees Celsius, but in the early days of February, the temperature reached above normal and by the end of the third week it was recorded above normal. In this way, during the three weeks from February 1 to February 22, the maximum temperature recorded in Delhi averaged 26.7 degrees. During the remaining days, the sky will remain clear and the effect of the strong sun will continue, due to which the average temperature recorded in the whole month can also cross 27.5 degrees.

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