Coronavirus vaccine price decided to be Rs 250

New Delhi, 27/2 (Ao Bureau): The government has taken a big decision regarding the prices of Coronavirus Vaccine against Covid-19. In private hospitals, you can take up to 250 rupees for every dose per person. Reliable sources of the government have given this information on Saturday. The state and union territories have been asked to inform the private hospitals set up for the vaccine program in this regard.

Sources said that private hospitals can charge up to Rs 250 per dose from a person. Maharashtra Health Secretary, Dr. Pradeep Vyas, said that information about the service charge was given in the training and virtual meeting regarding Kovin 2.0 under the chairmanship of the National Health Authority CEO and Union Health Secretary.

Dr Vyas said “It was reported that the service charge charged from private hospitals working as Kovid vaccine centers would be within Rs 100 per dose per person”. He told that with this, the hospital will charge Rs 150 per dose per person as the cost of the vaccine. In such a situation, the cost per person per dose to private hospitals will be Rs 250.

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