Sonu Sood Promises To Solve Water Issues Of Jhansi Villagers

Mumbai, 27/2(AO Bureau): In a  recent development, Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has lent a helping hand towards the villagers of Jhansi by promising them to solve their water crisis. He was approached by a man with the concern of no water in his village, due to which the villagers were facing problems.

The ‘Dabanng’ actor has already started the work of installation of water pumps in the village.

Speaking about it, Sood said, “These guys asked because there was no water, the kids in the family were really suffering. They had to walk kilometers to get the water, so we are getting handpumps installed there, so the water scarcity will totally go and the villagers are very very excited as its the first time that something like this has happened to them.”

He added, “The whole community is pretty excited and in fact, they are all standing at the venue where the handpumps are being installed. It`s a pretty exciting sight and hopefully, someday I will also go and drink some water from those handpumps. This is special for me also.”

Sonu is in the limelight constantly because of his philanthropic work. He has helped many during the lockdown by sending them home. He has also helped financially poor students by providing them books and laptops.

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