Petrol -Diesel price decreased slightly today

New Delhi, 28/2 (AO Bureau): Petrol-Diesel prices have brought relief to the general public today. Prices are stable today in all metros including the capital of the country. At the same time, on Saturday, the price of petrol in Delhi increased by 24 paise and diesel by 15 paise, after which petrol in the capital is Rs 91.17 per liter and diesel is Rs 81.47 per liter. These prices are at all time high. Let us tell you that after the continuous increase of the last several days, the price of oil has reached all-time high in all cities of the country.


Let us tell you that in the month of February, the price of petrol has increased 14 days. Let us know that petrol has become expensive by about 03.87 in these 14 days. Petrol has reached Rs 97.57 in Mumbai, which is the highest among metro cities.

Petrol in Delhi is Rs 91.17 and diesel is Rs 81.47 per liter.

>> Petrol in Mumbai is Rs 97.57 and diesel is Rs 88.60 per liter.

>> Petrol in Kolkata is Rs 91.35 and diesel is Rs 84.35 per liter.

>> Petrol in Chennai is Rs 93.11 and diesel is Rs 86.45 per liter.

>> Petrol in Noida is Rs 89.38 and diesel is Rs 81.91 per liter.

>> Petrol in Bangalore is Rs 94.22 and diesel is Rs 86.37 per liter.

>> Petrol in Bhopal is Rs 99.21 and diesel is Rs 89.76 per liter.

>> Petrol in Chandigarh is Rs 87.73 and diesel is Rs 81.17 per liter.

>> Petrol in Patna is Rs 93.48 and diesel is Rs 86.73 per liter.

>> Petrol in Lucknow is Rs 89.31 and diesel is Rs 81.85 per liter.

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