Chinese hackers are targeting India on various fronts

New Delhi, 1/3 (AO Bureau)The country’s power supply is on the target of cyber attackers of China. This claim has been made in a report. The report says that at least 12 institutions run by the government were targeted by Chinese hackers. This mainly includes power utilities and their load dispatch centers. In the mid-2020s, some groups supported by the Chinese government tried to inject malware. Chinese hackers were trying to make a big power cut in India.

According to a study by Recorded Future, NTPC Limited, five Regional Load Dispatch Centers and two ports were attacked by hackers. According to the definition of the Indian National Vital Information Infrastructure Protection Center (NCIIPC), all 12 organizations are critical infrastructures.

The report said that its efforts started before the May 2020 clashes between Indian and Chinese soldiers who created a deadlock along the border along the Line of Actual Control in eastern Ladakh. Last year, Chinese organizations used a lot of special software to target ‘a large institute in India’s power sector.

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