Navjot Singh Sidhu opened font against own government

Punjab, 3/3 (AO Bureau) : Before the budget was presented in the Punjab Assembly, former minister and Congress MLA Navjot Singh Sidhu have once again opened a front against his own government. While sharing a video, Sidhu has alleged that one percent of the revenue of Punjab is going into the pocket of people, which 99 percent of the people of the state are facing the brunt. The Punjab government’s budget is yet to be presented in the Legislative Assembly on March 5, while the video shared by Sidhu has already shown the details of the state’s income and expenditure.

He has said that Punjab will get a loan of Rs 2.48 lakh crore this year. This amount will reach 3.5 crores including the loan of government institutions. He said that the revenue of the government is coming but it is going into private hands.

Questioning the functioning of the government, Sidhu has said that the total revenue of the Punjab government is Rs 32 thousand crores, while the income from the excise of Tamil Nadu is Rs 32,000 crore. He said that if you want to do a business of alcohol, then the income from it should be spent in the field of education and health. This money should not go into private hands at all.

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