Bomb News in Taj Mahal turned to be fake

Agra, 4/3 (Ao Bureau):The information about the bomb in the Taj Mahal has turned out to be fake. A youth distraught over not getting a job in the army had reported a bomb in the Taj Mahal complex on dial 112. Also said that it would explode soon. Immediately after this, all three gates of the Taj Mahal were closed and tourists were evacuated. Along with this, a search operation was also carried out. At the same time, the team of the Bomb squad also reached the Taj Mahal campus.

SP (Protocol. Agra) Shivram Yadav said that a person calling the control room has many errors in the recruitment of the army, due to which he could not be admitted to the army. This person further told that a bomb has been placed in the Taj Mahal, which will explode soon. After this, a security check is being done at the Taj Mahal. The CISF vacated the Taj complex after getting its information. Also, all the gates were also closed. The Superintendent of Police said that the CISF has traced the location of the caller. This call was made from Firozabad. SP Shivram Yadav said that the matter is currently being investigated.

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