Electricity bills to reduce from April 1 in Mumbai

Mumbai, 6/3 (AO Bureau): In the midst of rising inflation, there is good news for Mumbai people. If you live in Mumbai, then you will have to pay less for the electricity bill. Electricity companies have decided to make electricity for domestic and commercial use cheaper from 1 April. Let us know that in Maharashtra, electricity rates have been cut from 5 to 11 percent. These rates will be applicable for the next five years. Consumers of Tata Power, Adani Power, Maharashtra Electricity, and BEST may get relief from next month.

Know how much the customers of which company will benefit
If you are a customer of Tata Power, then tell that in its utility tariff, Tata Power will give customers a discount of 4% in the bracket of 0-100 units. Low consumption consumers who fall in the range of 0-100 units will now have to pay cheaper bills. For them, electricity rates will be reduced from Rs 3.77 per unit to 3.63 per unit. At the same time, customers who fall in the category of 101-300 units will get a 1% reduction in electricity bills.

Adani Electricity has increased the tariff for low consumption customers by about 1%. At the same time, high consumption consumers who consume electricity in the range of 301-500 units will get cheaper electricity from April 1.

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