Good News for Central government employees

There is good news for all the central employees working in the country. Now he and his family will also get a big benefit outside the country. Government employees will also have the facility of treatment abroad under the health scheme. The explanation has been given by the Department of Health and Family Welfare regarding this.

In a recent reply given by Sandeep Kumar, Under Secretary, Health and Family Welfare Department, to TK Damodaran of Chennai, treatment abroad can also be availed under the Central Government Health Scheme. While pensioners cannot get the benefit of this.


According to the letter, according to Rule 11 of the CSMA, 1944, a government employee and his dependent family can get treatment outside the country. Apart from this, reimbursement of expenses incurred after treating your own and family’s country or abroad can also be claimed.
It has been clarified in the letter that Government employees mean those employees working under the Central Government who are still employees and are providing services to the Government. According to the rules of the Central Service Medical Attendance, employees receiving a pension under this scheme will not get the benefit of treatment abroad.

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