PC Chacko resigned from Congress in Kerala

New Delhi, 10/3 (Ao Bureau): Before the Kerala Assembly Election, Congress has suffered a major setback. Senior leader PC Chacko has said goodbye to the party. He has sent his resignation to Congress President Sonia Gandhi. He has made allegations of factionalism in Congress. He has said that there is no democracy left in the party anymore. The special thing is that there will be voting on April 6 for the elections in the 140-seat state.

Just before the election, Congress has suffered a big loss in the state. Four-time Lok Sabha MP PC Chacko has resigned from the party. He has raised questions on the activities and functioning of the party. A press conference was called at 2 pm to announce his decision. He complained that there was negligence in the selection of candidates and this allocation was done on the basis of the group.
Angry with the party, Chacko said, “Congress has not saved democracy.” The list of candidates was not discussed with the State Congress Committee. I have sent my resignation to Sonia Gandhi. The special thing is that Chacko has also raised questions on the Congress leadership. He said, ‘It is very difficult to be a Congressman in Kerala. If you are from a group in Congress, then only you can live. The leadership of Congress is not very active. ‘

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