China to launch Virus Passport

Beijing, 11/3(AO Bureau):  ‘Virus Passport’ is in great discussion among the epidemic of Coronavirus. Meanwhile, China has started a health certificate program for its international travelers. China has become the first country in the world to do so. That is, those coming in and out of the country will now have a digital certificate, which will tell the user’s vaccine status and test results. Many other countries are also considering this certificate.

These certificates will be available through the social media platform WeChat. The government has started this on Monday. However, this certificate will only be available to Chinese citizens. It has not been made mandatory at the moment. Apart from a digital format, this certificate will also be in paper form. It is being called the world’s first virus passport.
The United States and Britain are among those countries that are currently thinking of implementing such a permit. The European Union is also working on the vaccine ‘Green Pass’. Through this, the members of the civil union will be able to go to the country and other foreign countries. According to the report of the news agency Xinhua, the program started in China will include a QR code, which will give information about the health of the passenger to all countries. Domestic passports in China and other public places require a QR code present in WeChat and other Chinese smartphone apps.

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