Reservation will be only on non-technical jobs: Khattar

Rohtak, 11/3 (Ao Bureau): The Haryana government had announced to give 75% reservation in jobs to 75% in the private sector. However, the status of the plan was not clear since this announcement. Recently, the Chief Minister of the state Manohar Lal Khattar has made it clear that the local people will get 75 percent reservation only in non-technical jobs. Apart from this, he has given any information related to the new scheme being implemented in the state.

In an interview given to Moneycontrol, CM Khattar said, ’75 percent reservation in private sector jobs will be given to the local people of Haryana, only those who get less than 50 thousand salaries. That too will be applicable only in non-technical jobs. CM said that this rule of the reservation will not apply to technical jobs. It is special that after the announcement of CM, some companies working in the state are relieved.

During this time, Khattar also shared other information related to this decision of the government. He told that the labor inspectors cannot bother the industries about this reservation. He told that only the State Labor Commissioner will have the right to investigate this reservation. He said, ‘Industries will have to give a self-proclaimed letter that they are following the law and are also accepting it. For big industries, we will make the process of appointments from other districts more flexible.

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