DGCA to take action against passengers who don’t follow COVID protocols

New Delhi,13/3 (AO Bureau) If you are going to do air travel in the coming days, then you have to take special care. If the passengers are negligent in this, then the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) can also take strict action against them. In fact, the DGCA has become tight-lipped about the increasing cases of the Corona epidemic in the country. If passengers do not wear masks in the aircraft and at the same time violate the guidelines of the coronavirus epidemic, then strict action will be taken against them. If passengers repeat this mistake again and again, their air travel can be banned forever.

In the circular issued by DCGA, it has been said that after entering the airport, it will be mandatory to wear masks till the time of departure. The circular also states that passengers who do not follow the rules of social distancing and corona guidelines during air travel will be taken off the plane. With this, those who are found to be repeatedly violating the rules during their journey will be declared as ‘unruly travelers’.

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