We are not aware of what to do on the pitch : Virat Kohli

Ahmedabad, 13/3 (AO Bureau)Team India captain Virat Kohli was unhappy with the defeat in the first match of the India vs England T20 Series against England. Kohli said after the match that we did not know how to play on such a pitch. I think we could not play our shots properly. As a batsman, you have to pay attention to this. We have to accept our mistakes and come down with strong intentions in the next match. In particular, it has to be planned how to play shots on this ground.

Kohli said that the beginning of the series was strange for us. We could not play the shots on this wicket as we wanted. Shreyas Iyer’s innings were an example of how you can use the depth of the crease because there was an uneven bounce on the pitch. Iyer understood it well and played the kind of shots in which the other batsmen were unsuccessful. We underperformed in batting, which we had to bear the brunt of.

Could not score big by losing early wickets: Virat Kohli
He further said that if the pitch allows you, you can play aggressively with the first ball. We did not take a lot of time and Shreyas used it right. We lost a lot of wickets before reaching 150-160. If we had 8 wickets left after the end of 10 overs, then we could have added more runs on the scoreboard and then the match could have been made.

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