Woman receives non-veg pizza seeks 1 crore rupees as compensation

Washington, 16/3 (AO Bureau)A vegetarian woman in Ghaziabad was served a non-vegetarian pizza by an American restaurant. Due to which she has moved the consumer court seeking Rs 1 crore in compensation saying she will have to undergo arduous and expensive rituals to undo the “damage”.

According to a report by news agency ANI, Deepali Tyagi, in her petition, has claimed that she is a pure vegetarian because of her “religious beliefs, teachings, family traditions, own conscience, and her best choice” and she ended up taking a bite of the meat pizza.

Deepali had placed an order for a vegetarian pizza from the pizza outlet in Ghaziabad of Uttar Pradesh for the family on March 21, 2019. While the pizza was delivered late, she ignored the lax and took a bite of the pizza, and noticed it was non-veg.

After taking a bite, she realized the pizza had pieces of meat instead of mushroom, the complainant has said. Her lawyer Farhat Warsi told the consumer court that Deepali immediately called customer care and raised a complaint on their gross negligence of delivering a pizza “non-veg pizza in a house of pure vegetarians”.

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