New Coronavirus guidelines announced in this state

Mumbai, 19/3 (AO Bureau): Coronavirus epidemic continues to wreak havoc in India. In Maharashtra, the state most affected by the infection, on Friday, the government has imposed new restrictions till 31 March. Accordingly, all theaters and auditoriums will operate only with 50 percent capacity. All private offices will also operate with 50 percent capacity. While the use of the mask will be mandatory.

According to the government of Maharashtra, if an office or drama theater is found to be in violation of the rules of Corona, it can be closed until the time of the epidemic. Also, the department heads of government and semi-government offices have been asked to decide on the required number of employees. However, the manufacturing sector can work with 100 percent number. Apart from this, it has also been said that such places should not be given to those people who have not worn masks properly.

According to the new ban imposed by the Maharashtra government, people will be given entry in any office only if the temperature is found correct in the screening. Also, the sanitizer will be used as before.

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