Terrorists are using stick bombs to cause terror in Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu & Kashmir, 19/3 (AO Bureau)Terrorists have started using different types of bombs to spread terror in Jammu and Kashmir. This is called a Stick Bom. Stick bombs have magnets. In such a situation, they can be detonated on the moving vehicles by pasting them through magnets. These sticky bombs are simple IEDs, which are not larger than the size of the fist. They can be easily affixed to the side of the vehicle or near the fuel tank by means of magnets, adhesives. In this way, small explosions can be converted into big explosions.

In Jammu and Kashmir, a new weapon of terrorists has been put in the hands of the security forces. In this bomb, the magnet can be used and can be applied in any vehicle. It is light and portable in weight. After paste, it is detonated, so that there is no danger to the adhesive. In the last few months, security forces have seized stick bombs from different areas of Jammu and Kashmir.

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