PM Modi delivered Maan Ki Baat

New Delhi, 28/3 (AO Bureau) ; Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed the residents through his monthly radio program ‘Mann Ki Baat’ and congratulated the people on the 75th edition of ‘Mann Ki Baat’. Initiating the Mann Ki Baat program, PM Modi said, I thank you very much that you have followed ‘Mann Ki Baat’ with such a fine eye and you have been connected. This is a matter of great pride for me, it is a matter of enjoyment. PM Modi said, it seems like yesterday when in 2014 we started this journey by the name of Mann Ki Baat. I want to thank all the listeners and those who have given input for the program.

PM Modi said you will see, ‘Amrit Mahotsav’ will be filled with so many inspiring nectar points, and then such a nectar stream will flow which will inspire us for hundred years of India’s independence. Will take the country to a new height, will create the spirit to do something.

10 big things of PM Modi’s ‘Mann ki Baat’ program
PM Modi said, how many of our fighters suffered in the fight for freedom because they considered sacrifice and sacrifice for the country as their duty. The immortal tales of their sacrifice and sacrifice now inspire us to the path of perpetual duty.
PM Modi said, be it the struggle saga of a freedom fighter, the history of a place, a cultural story of the country, during Amrit Mahotsav, you can bring it in front of the country and become a medium to connect the countrymen with it. His immortal stories of sacrifice and sacrifice now inspire us to the path of perpetual duty and as Lord Krishna has said in the Gita – Niyatam kuru karma twam karma jiyo hyakramana:
Our fighters in the freedom struggle suffered so much because they considered sacrifice and sacrifice for the country as their duty. In the same way, it was our duty to pay respect, respect, playing thali, clapping, lighting lamps to our Corona Warriors. You have no idea how much the corona warriors had touched their heart and that is the reason they remained tired and non-stop all year.
My dear countrymen, last year was the month of March, for the first time the country had heard the word Janata curfew. But see the experience of the great power of the great subjects of this great country, the public curfew had become a surprise for the whole world. At this time last year, there was a question as to when the corona vaccine would arrive. It is a matter of pride for all of us that today India is running the largest vaccine program in the world.
Cricketer Mithali ji has recently become the first Indian woman cricketer to score 10,000 runs in international cricket. Many congratulations on his achievement. In the career of more than two decades, Mithali Raj ji has inspired thousands and millions. His hard work and success story is an inspiration not only for women cricketers but also for male cricketers.
I have spoken many times on various aspects of tourism, but today we are talking about the lighthouse. These are quite different in terms of tourism. This lighthouse is in a place named Jinzhuwada in the Surendra Nagar district of Gujarat. Know why this light house is special. The beach is more than a hundred kilometers from where these lighthouses are. You will find such stones in the village which tell that there must have been a busy port here at some point.
In the Mann Ki Baat program, PM Modi said, an event was held in the year 2016 in Banaskantha, Gujarat. In that program, I told the people that there is so much potential here, why not Banaskantha and our farmers write a new chapter in the revolution of sweetness? You will be happy to know, in such a short time, Banaskantha has become a major center for honey production. Today, the farmers of Banaskantha are earning lakhs of rupees annually from honey.
Just a few days ago World Sparrow Day was celebrated. Sparrow means Goraiya. Somewhere it is called chakli, somewhere it is called chimney, somewhere it is called ghan Chitika, Batra Ji of Benaras has done a very good job in preserving sparrow. Indrapal Singh Batra built such wooden nests in his house, in which Goraiya could live easily. Today many houses of Benaras are joining this campaign. I would like nature, environment, animals, birds for whom we can be made, we should also make more and fewer efforts.

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