India May Get Corona Vaccine Sputnik-5

Hyderabad, 29/3 (AO Bureau)The number of Coronavirus cases is increasing day by day. There is a piece of good news amidst the havoc of Coronavirus in the country. The country may get another Vaccine. The Coronavirus vaccine Sputnik-5 manufactured in Russia may be approved in India. 

Pharma sector company Dr Reddy’s Laboratories hopes that the Russian coronavirus vaccine Sputnik-5 will get approval from Indian drug regulators in the next few weeks. Deepak Sapra, CEO and API of Dr Reddy’s Laboratories, said that Dr Reddy’s has tied up with the ‘Russia Direct Investment Fund’ to bring the Sputnik-5 vaccine to India.

Deepak Sapra, CEO of Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories said, “We hope to get approval in the next few weeks.” It will be a two-dose vaccine. You will take the second dose on the 21st day after taking the first dose. Immunity will develop between the 28th and 42nd day of taking the vaccine. Sapra was giving his views during a webinar held on Sunday evening when he was asked about the availability of the Sputnik vaccine.

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