Driving license won’t be cancelled after violation of traffic rules

Soon after breaking the traffic rules, there will be no cancellation of the driver’s license, ie the traffic police will not inbound the driving license. In the future, the fine will be imposed as per traffic rules. The Ministry of Road Transport is preparing to amend the traffic rules in this way, which will provide relief to the drivers. The Ministry of Road Transport is planning in view of the problems faced by the drivers.

After imposition of the amended Motor Vehicle Act, the rules for impounding driving license for three months have also come into force for violation of certain traffic rules. That is, if you were found to be breaking the traffic rules, then the traffic police used to confiscate the driver’s license and submit it to the concerned traffic office. After completion of three months, your license is returned.

The most problem caused by this rule was to those drivers, who break the traffic rules in order to go to another state. In such cases, the police collects the fine along with driver’s license in the same state, district, city. The driver cannot drive for three months. During this time, he faces an economic crisis. On the other hand, after three months, the driver has to withdraw the license in the same city, its process is also not easy, it also takes time. Both time and money are wasted in this. The most troublesome in this are also the transporters, whose vehicle goes to another state or city, where the license is inbound. During this time the driver remains idle for three months. Suddenly find trouble in finding another driver.

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