Stock market crashes 1400 points, Investors lose 4 Lakh Crore Rupees

Mumbai, 5/4:In devastating day for investors, the stock market crashed 1400 points today.  The Indian stock market has suffered due to increasing cases of corona infection. Today there is an atmosphere of heavy selling in the stock market. Sensex slipped more than 1400 points or 2.5 percent and again slipped below 49000. Nifty is also down by more than 350 points, Nifty has slipped to the level of 14500. An all-around declining atmosphere is visible in the market today. Today, 4 lakh crores of investors have drowned in this fall.

This is the second biggest decline of this year in the Indian stock market. Earlier on 26 February 2021, the Nifty was down by 568 points intraday, while the closing was accompanied by a fall of 452 points. The Nifty closed at the 14500 level on that day. The Sensex also broke the critical level of 51,000 on February 26 and closed at 49100 below 50,000.

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