Two more ground staff tests positive for Coronavirus in Wankhade Stadium

Mumbai, 6/4 (AO Bureau): Just before the 14th season of IPL (IPL 14), the Corona report of two more ground staff and a plumber of Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium has come positive. News agency ANI has confirmed this by sources associated with the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA). The MCA has revealed that the ground staff and the rest of the staff will no longer go home to secure IPL at the Wankhede Stadium, they will remain in the stadium. A few days ago, 10 employees of the Wankhede Stadium were found to be corona infected.

According to sources, there is a clubhouse inside the Wankhede Stadium. Whenever the tournament will continue in Mumbai. Till then, the entire staff of the field will remain in it. So that the corona infection does not spread.


A day before, the Maharashtra government has allowed the players to practice at Wankhede Stadium after 8 pm. The way of organizing IPL matches in Mumbai badly affected by Covid-19 has also been cleared after this decision. To prevent this epidemic, the Maharashtra government has announced a night curfew. But during this time, after eight o’clock at night, the players have been allowed to practice and the teams have been allowed to come to the hotel. Due to increasing cases of Covid-19 in Mumbai and Maharashtra, the state government had announced curfew from 8 am to 7 am in the entire Maharashtra including Mumbai on Sunday. These guidelines are also being followed from Monday.

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