Facebook , Instagram and WhatsApp down once again

New Delhi,9/4 (AO Bureau): Services on social media platforms Facebook (Facebook), instant messaging app WhatsApp and photo-sharing platform Instagram (Instagram) were once again down. Users from all over the world have complained about this through other social networking mediums. Many users said in the complaint that on Thursday, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram had been outages for some time. Meanwhile, they were unable to use these apps. However, the services have now been restored. According to the down detector website, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram were not available for thousands of people for some time. Many users around the world have complained about this.

Why is Facebook-WhatsApp getting down again and again?
Facebook has issued a statement on this. The company has said that the service was stalled for an hour but now it has been completely restored. Now users will be able to use these applications without interruption. Facebook says that the company is making some configuration changes in these apps because of which these services were not available to many people for a while. However, the issue has now been discovered and resolved.

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