Sonia Gandhi took a dig at Center over vaccine issue

New Delhi, 10/4 (Ao Bureau)Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Saturday alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government had mismanaged the Corona epidemic and allowed the vaccine to be exported and reduced in the country. He also said in a meeting of party chief ministers of party-ruled states and party ministers in Congress-led state governments, that it is necessary to take strict steps to deal with the spread of corona infection as well as help the weaker sections.

Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi was also present in the meeting held through video conference. Sonia said, “Coronavirus infection is increasing and in such a situation, it is our responsibility as the main opposition party to take up the issues and pressurize the government to work in the public interest instead of adopting public relations tactics.”

She stressed that there should be transparency. The government should present the actual figures of infection and death in all the states including the Congress-ruled. ”Targeting the central government, Sonia said,“ We ​​should first focus on vaccination campaign in India and then export vaccines and Should be given as a gift to other countries. We need to insist that there is responsible behavior and that without exception, the guidelines and all laws related to Covid should be followed. ‘

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