Amit Shah attacks Mamata Banerjee during his campaign speech

Kolkatta, 11/4 (AO Bureau): The election campaign for the fifth phase of the West Bengal assembly elections is at its peak. Strong political attacks are being carried out against each other by all the political parties who have landed in the political field of the state. Home Minister Amit Shah attacked the Chief Minister of the state Mamata Banerjee during a rally in Basirhat South on Sunday. He said- “Didi is still furious. Every day she is saying that Amit Shah should resign. I will not resign because of your saying, if the people of Bengal tell me, I will resign.”

Amit Shah further said- Didi, you are sure to resign by going to the Governor on May 2. When you bid farewell to Didi, bid farewell to Didi with 2 cities.

Taking a dig at the Bengal CM, the Home Minister further said- “Just the fourth phase of the election was held. Some youths tried to snatch the arms of the CISF after getting seduced by Didi. A few days ago there was a meeting of Mamta Didi on the same seat.” He said that you guys attack CRPF. Didi you shed tears for these four people. But the 5th worker who is dead of BJP, you don’t mean anything. ”

Amit Shah, while alleging appeasement, said that the people of these appeasement people have politics. A few days ago a TMC Netri insulted the Matuha society, he should resign as soon as possible.
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