Center raises concern over rising cases of corona, said- 89.51% patients have recovered so far

New Delhi, 13/4 (Ao Bureau) The Union Government on Tuesday expressed concern over the increasing cases of Coronavirus in the country and said that the number of patients is increasing steadily. Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said that 89.51% of the total Kovid cases in the country have been recovered, while 1.25% deaths have occurred and about 9.24% new Kovid cases. He said, if we look at the new cases of the corona, then we will find that the number of cases of corona which have come before has been left behind and it is increasing, which is a big reason for concern.

Meanwhile, with 1,61,736 new cases of coronavirus infection reported in India in one day, the epidemic cases in the country increased to 1,36,89,453. The rate of recovery of people suffering from Kovid-19 has fallen further, now it is 89.51 percent. This information has been given in the updated data of the Union Health Ministry at eight o’clock on Tuesday morning. It was told that the total number of people who died due to infection and the death of 879 people was 1,71,058.

The number of under-treated people in the country has increased to 12,64,698, which is 9.24 percent of the total cases of infection, due to the increase in daily cases of infection for the 34th consecutive day. The lowest 1,35,926 under-served patients in the country were on 12 February and the maximum 10,17,754 under-served patients were on 18 September 2020. According to statistics, 1,22,53,697 people have recovered from the disease so far while the death rate is 1.25 percent.

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