Know the side effects of Ayurvedic Kadha..

For more than a year, the whole world is troubled by the coronavirus. Ever since the coronavirus epidemic has surfaced, many health experts along with the Ayush Ministry are also advising people to drink Ayurvedic Kadha to strengthen their immunity. In such a situation, many people have made kadha a part of their daily diet to avoid corona infection and are consuming it several times a day.

But as you may be aware, too much of anything is very bad. Even if Kadha is an immunity booster. Ayurveda experts are also suggesting that if the decoction is used in too much quantity, the body can be damaged in many ways.

– If the decoction of kadha is hot and drinking it too much may be a problem of mouth and stomach ulcer.

– Overdose of things like Cinnamon, Giloy, Pepper can cause stomach pain, heartburn or acidity.

– Due to drinking too much kadha, the liver is also damaged. So at the same time, excessive use of Giloy reduces the sugar level.

– Drinking an excessive amount of decoction can also cause problems such as nose bleeding, sour belching, and trouble in urine.

– People who already have any disease or who eat blood thinners, if they drink more decoction, then there is an increased risk of internal bleeding inside the body which can be fatal at times.


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