2 big announcements of center in war with Covid-19, Promised to improve health systems

New Delhi, 18/4 (AO Bureau):India is going through the worst phase of the coronavirus. In the meantime, a debate has arisen over the lack of health services. There are reports that patients do not have beds in hospitals. Many things like lack of oxygen and Remdesivir came to light. In such a situation, the government has said two big things. The government has made big announcements regarding the first oxygen plant and the entire health infrastructure.

The Union Health Ministry tweeted that in total 162 pressure swing adjustment oxygen plants have been approved by the Center. According to the ministry, this will increase the medical oxygen capacity to 154.19 MT. Experts say that low levels of oxygen have been seen in the blood of Kovid-19 patients. They say that this is also seen in asymptomatic patients. These circumstances suggest that the patient needs special attention.

It was told in this tweet that ‘the central government will bear the expenditure of 201.58 crores coming in 162 PSA. It also includes a 7-year maintenance, which will start from the fourth year after a 3-year warranty. Another post from the government said that 33 plants have been installed in 162, while 59 will be installed by the end of April. The ministry said ’80 will be installed by the end of May 2021’.

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