British PM Cancelled India visit

New Delhi, 19/4 (AO Bureau): In view of the explosive situation of Corona, the British PM has canceled his India tour on Borris Johnson. Boris Johnson was scheduled to visit India on 25 April. Britain’s opposition Labor Party had questioned PM Johnson, why can’t he have an online meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi to discuss bilateral relations? Please tell that Boris Johnson has canceled his trip for the second time in a row. Earlier on January 26 too, he could not come as the chief guest because of Corona.

According to the information, Steve Reid of the Labor Party had said, ‘The UK government is telling people not to travel if it is not necessary and I do not understand why PM Boris Johnson does not discuss the zoom meeting with the Indian government. can do. In this era, many of us do it here. I think the PM and those who are in public life should set an example. ‘

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